In this period finding time to indulge in the passion of drawing each day can be incredibly challenging. Between work, chores, and everyday responsibilities, carving out even a few hours can feel impossible. The demands of daily life often leave little room for creative pursuits, and the dream of spending hours immersed in art can feel distant.

However, when those rare moments do appear, even if it’s just a single minute, my world seems a bit brighter. The act of drawing, no matter how brief, brings a sense of peace and lightness, making life’s burdens feel a little less heavy. It’s amazing how a few strokes of a pencil can transport me to a place of calm and inspiration, lifting the weight of the day’s stress.

Drawing nurtures the soul. Those precious moments of creativity are a reminder of the beauty and joy that exist beyond our hectic schedules. So, whenever I find that precious sliver of time, I embrace it fully, and I deserve it. Even if it’s just for a minute.